This waiver relates to all facilities owned and activities operated by Active Tribe Ltd (Active Tribe) at Courtown, County Wexford

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old in order to sign this disclaimer. If you are not 18 years old, please ask your parent or legal guardian to complete this process. Waivers are signed in relation to a booking and each adult (18+) in a particular booking must sign a waiver, as well as one adult signing the waiver for any minors (U18) in the group.

I, the undersigned adult listed below, am at least 18 years of age. On my own behalf, and on the behalf of the below listed participants under the age of 18, as their parent, legal guardian or custodian, knowingly, voluntarily, and freely accept and assume any and all risks, both known and unknown, of injuries or other loss or damage that may be suffered while on the Active Tribe premises.

I represent that I have full authority as parent, guardian or custodian of the below listed minors. I understand that all risks cannot be entirely eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activities and experiences in Active Tribe and I expressly agree to accept and assume all of the risks voluntarily existing in these activities and experiences. Such risks include, but are not limited to, drowning, cuts and bruises, burns, falls, broken bones, injuries to wrists, arms, legs, ankles, backs, heads and necks, contact with other participants, spinal injuries, risks to those with pacemakers or implanted medical devices, risks to those with medical conditions and/or death, and which may occur while on the land and premises of Active Tribe. I confirm I am responsible for my own actions and involvement, and the actions and involvement of the undersigned participants.

Further, I have explained these risks to the listed minors. I certify that I and/or the listed minors are in good physical condition for the activities in which I and/or they will be participating and certify that I and/or they do not have any medical or other condition that may preclude me and/or them from safely participating in the activities in which we intend to participate. I accept that certain activities at Active Tribe are unsuitable for those with certain physical conditions, medical conditions, under the influence of alcohol or any illicit or prescription drugs which are likely to increase the risk of injury to myself or others and that I will assess my own ability and that of those in my care to partake in those activities.

I understand that Active Tribe accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by or during participation in any activity provided by or during my visit to Active Tribe, except where the loss, damage or injury was caused directly by its negligence and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, I waive all and any claims against Active Tribe in this respect both for myself and/or for the participants in my care.

I and those in my care will undertake warm up exercises/stretching before taking part in physical activities. Due to the physical nature of certain activities (including shocks, falls etc.), we recommend that pregnant women should not take part in physically demanding activities. If participants have medical, injury or fitness concerns they are advised to consult their doctor in advance for medical clearance. While I will read and take notice of Active Tribe Terms and Conditions, rules, warning and safety signage at Active Tribe, I accept that ultimate responsibility for the safe use of Active Tribe activities and equipment by me and those I am signing for rests with me. I agree to indemnify Active Tribe for any loss it suffers as a result of my failure, or the failure of participants in my care, to comply with instructions of Active Tribe staff and/or to comply with the Active Tribe Terms and Conditions.

Active Tribe reserves the right, in its discretion, to refuse admittance to, or to remove a participant from activities should it deem it necessary to do so and no refunds will be given. This includes a participant who does not comply with the safety rules, safety direction, does not use the supplied safety equipment properly, is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is not wearing appropriate footwear or attire for the activity.

I grant Active Tribe the right to request emergency medical services for me and/or the listed minors in the event Active Tribe deem a situation medically necessary. Information provided will strictly not be shared to third parties for marketing or other such gain. It is solely to establish proof of consent to the terms of this waiver.

This disclaimer is operable in conjunction with the Active Tribe Privacy and Cookies Policy and the Terms and Conditions which I also expressly agree to by signing below, including the supervision policy within such Terms and Conditions where the booking includes children (U18). All activities at Active Tribe have supervision requirements. The nature of the supervision requirements vary from activity to activity and details of these requirements can be viewed on each activity page on www.activetribe.ie. Subject to the supervision requirements for each individual activity, the default position is that there must be at least one adult (18+) for every 6 (U18) children in a group. I confirm that there is the required number of adults for my booking and that the required number of adult(s) will supervise all (U18) children in the group during their time in Active Tribe. I agree to follow all instructions set out in Safety Rules that are notified to me during an activity, along with all instructions given to me by Active Tribe staff before and during all activities.