Active Tribe Courtown has a range of exciting outdoor activities for your group!
Tailor Made For Your Group

Every group is different and we can develop a bespoke plan of outdoor activities to meet your objectives. Whether you are a corporate group looking for some fun activities to get to know each other and develop team skills to a sports group celebrating a successful season. We can even cater for your group from our Café. Just get in touch with us and we'll come up with a action packed plan for you.

See some of the activities we can offer below....
Altitude @ Active Tribe

Unleash your inner adventurer at Altitude@ Active Tribe! Traverse high leaps, ropes bridges, cargo nets and spinning logs and overcome any obstacle that dares to stand in your way! Push yourself at tree top height to complete TWO high rope aerial trekking courses with brand new and improved activities all up to 20m in the air. Finally, zip back down to earth on the dual 150m zip wire!

90 minute session including harnessing and safety briefs. Minimum height: 1.3m (approx. 4ft), maximum weight: 120kg (approx. 19 stone)

Altitude Junior @ Active Tribe

An exciting outdoor adventure for children 2m high off the ground! Including our junior ropes course and our junior zip wire. For children 1m-1.3m (approx. 3ft 3in-4.3ft).



Have fun testing your sharp shooting on our purpose built archery range. Our qualified instructors will take you through a full programme from safety instructions, right through to target practice. Age Restriction: 7+ years.


Laser Tag

Each team tries to disable the opposing team by aiming and shooting a safe and invisible infrared beam at the receiver attached to each person. Age Restriction 7+ years. Maximum Participants: 20.