GymKids, Academy, Parent & Toddler & Adult lessons finish 29th June & start back 26th August. Book now for when we start back.

Swimming Lessons

Children's Swim Academy

Our children's swim lessons are all about developing confidence in the water and then good swimming technique. We closely follow the Swim Ireland syllabus. We are now be operating a Continuous Assessment swimming programme rather than the traditional term based system. This means as soon as a child acquires all the skills required to move up, and there is space in the next level, they can! This also means that there will be no waiting for the current term to end before booking into an available place. Providing there are spaces available at the required level, you can book at any time.

We recommend that children with some swim experience undertake a swim assessment before booking into swim academy to ensure they are at the right level. Parents of children with no swim experience are able to book their children directly in to level 1 with no swim assessment. Once booked into the swim academy, parents will be provided with access to our Coursepro online portal, where they view their child's progression and top up their account balance. Swim Academy is open for children 4 years and older.

Our Prices Swim Academy Bookings

Once you have booked your child in to Swim Academy, you are able to log on to the Swim Academy Home Portal to view your child's progress and top up your account. Do let us know if you have any problems logging in.

Swim Academy Home Portal

Adult Swim Lessons

We are thrilled to offer a range of evening adult group swim lessons. Our lessons will suit those who are absolute beginners, right up to more experienced swimmers looking to improve their technique. Our adult swim lessons will be held on Tuesday at 8:00pm and will begin on 1 March. We will be offering three lesson levels:

  • Beginner - For adults completely new to swimming. If you are unable to submerge your face and move comfortably through the water then this is the level for you.
  • Intermediate - If you can travel through the water and are wanting to learn how to do it a little easier then this class is for you.
  • Advanced - If you’re a confident swimmer, but want to work on more advanced technique and improving your distance then you’ll fit in with this class.

Classes will last for 50 minutes and will cost €90 for six classes. The lessons can be booked online via or at reception. To book online, filter to Adult Lessons (near the bottom of the page) to find the adult lessons.
Adult Swim Lesson Bookings

Parent and toddler swim lessons

Parent and toddler swim lessons are all about introducing your child to water through play and developing their water confidence. The classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Lessons will be based on your child's age:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am - 3 months to 2 years old
  • Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am -  2  to 3 years old

Classes will last for 30 minutes and will cost €57 for six classes. The lessons can be booked online at, or at reception. To book online, filter to Parent & Toddler (near the bottom of the page) to find the lessons.

Parent+Toddler Swim Lesson Bookings

  • Level 1

    The introductory level of the Swim Academy, Level 1 aims to develop water confidence and enjoyment while learning basic swimming pool safety and rules through a fun and playful class

  • Learn to swim at Active Tribe Courtown
  • Swimming lessons at Active Tribe Courtown
  • Level 2

    Building on the water confidence acquired in Level 1, Level 2 swimmers begin to learn their swimming strokes to propel themselves though the water and be confident floating

  • Level 3

    Level 3 swimmers learn to improve their front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke while building confidence and stamina to swim in the main pool

  • Swimming lessons are fun at Active Tribe Courtown
  • Level 4

    At this stage swimmers have the confidence and ability to swim at least 10m in the main pool on their front and back. Swimmers start to learn about treading water and surface dives to the bottom of the pool

  • Level 5

    Level 5 swimmers work to improve their technique and stamina in all strokes and aim to build confidence out of their depth in the deep end of the pool

  • Swimming lessons are fun at Active Tribe Courtown
  • Swimming lessons at Active Tribe Courtown
  • Level 6

    Developing effective swimming skills including co-ordinated breathing across all strokes and swimming 25m. At this stage swimmers are confident with all strokes.

  • Level 7

    Advanced swimmers with a good ability with all four strokes and good stamina to swim multiple lengths of the pool aiming to fine tune technique in preparation for lane training or to join a swimming club