Active Tribe Gym Intro

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Is designed for new members to Active Tribe who aren’t familiar with the gym and its layout. Or who haven’t trained in several years. Current members can also make use of this class especially if they are struggling with their own training regime and are lacking motivation. It’s a 30-minute session on how to use the equipment correctly and safely while
concentrating on the individuals form and technique. If you are looking for that extra 10%
added to your training, then why not give it a go.

Active Tribe Fitness Classes

We run a range of Fitness and Wellbeing classes throughout the year, including Aqua fit, Spinning, Pilates, Pump, HIIT and Circuit classes for all our members and guests. Please refer to (Guests can sign in with a free guest account) to see the timetable and book our fitness classes. We have a fully equipped modern Gym with a wide range of fitness and strength equipment. Book your fitness and wellness classes in advance of arriving.