Adult Swim Lessons

We are thrilled to announce the launch of bookings for our evening adult group swim lessons. Our lessons will suit those who are absolute beginners, right up to more experienced swimmers looking to improve their technique. Our adult swim lessons will be held

on Tuesday at 8:00pm and will begin on 1 March. We will be offering three lesson levels:

  • Beginner - For adults completely new to swimming. If you are unable to submerge your face and move comfortably through the water then this is the level for you.
  • Intermediate - If you can travel through the water and are wanting to learn how to do it a little easier then this class is for you.
  • Advanced - If you’re a confident swimmer, but want to work on more advanced technique and improving your distance then you’ll fit in with this class.

Classes will last for 50 minutes and will cost €84 for six classes. The lessons can be booked online via or at reception. To book online, filter to Adult Lessons (near the bottom of the page) to find the adult lessons.

Adult Swim Lesson Bookings