Active Tribe Courtown
Swim Academy
Terms and conditions
November 2022

1. All swimming lesson bookings must be made in advance at the price and period as outlined at the time of booking. Lesson duration and minimum booking period may vary by course

2. Children must be at least 4 years of age before starting their first swimming lesson. Credits for bookings made for children under the age of 4 will be held until the child reaches four years old. No refund will be made and no spaces will be held

3. When booking it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct contact details, including email and phone number, are provided

4. Continual Assessment
a) Swimmers are assessed through continual assessment. This means that there is no set start date to a term, and no set end date. Each swimmer has their own individual start date
b) When a swimmer is ready to move to the next level, an email will automatically be sent to the registered email address with a link to the swimmer’s Home Portal. When logged into the Home Portal clicking the MOVE button will show a list of classes with available spaces in their new level
c) All swimmers progress at different rates, as such, Parents/Guardians/Swimmers will receive the email to move up levels when the swimmer has achieved 100% in the current level’s competencies and not after a given number of swimming lessons

5. Topping Up
a) When a swimmer’s account has 3 lessons remaining, an email will automatically be sent from CoursePro to the email address registered for that swimmer. The email will include a link in it that will direct you to the swimmer’s home portal. At the same time the email is sent, a button on their home portal will appear called TOP UP. Clicking this button will direct you to a payment page where you can top up their lessons.
b) When the swimmer’s account has 2 lessons remaining, a reminder email will be sent automatically from CoursePro
c) When the swimmer’s account has 1 lesson remaining, a final email reminder email will be sent. The swimmer‘s name will be automatically removed from the swimming lessons for the following week if their account is not topped up before the last swimming lesson starts. The space will then be available to the public for booking immediately. If this happens, parents/guardians/swimmers will no longer be able to top up and must rebook into any available spaces via the CoursePro Home Portal

6. Moving a swimmer
Parents/guardians can only move a swimmer themselves when they have received an email informing them that the swimmer is ready to move up a level. For all other movements, please contact reception or the swimming co-ordinator and they will be able to assist you. All movements are dependent on spaces available in the Swim Academy and your first choice of day/time may not be available

7. CoursePro Home Portal
The Home Portal is a useful tool to keep track of the swimming lessons. It shows you how many lessons you have left, if it is time to top up, and if the swimmer is ready to move up. It will also show the percentage the swimmer is on through the competencies. These competencies will be updated by the teachers. Please note: the competencies may not be updated after every lesson. There are a few reasons why the competencies may not be updated after every lesson:
i. If the swimmer isn’t in attendance, the option to update their competencies is not available to the instructor
ii. Not all competencies will be practiced every lesson
For some competencies, the gap between certain grades can be difficult to cross. A swimmer might stay at “Needs Practice” for a few lessons and then they will move on to “Good”, for example

8. Attendance
a) A swimmer must attend the specific day/time/level that they are booked in to. Attending another day/time/level is not permitted
b) It is the parent’s/guardian’s/swimmer’s responsibility to know when lessons are taking place. This information is available via the CoursePro Home Portal and by contacting the centre. Centre management will take no responsibility for swimmers missing scheduled swimming lessons
c) If a swimmer is late for a lesson, their lesson will still end at the scheduled time
d) A refund, reschedule or credit for swim academy lessons that are not attended will not be granted under any circumstances. In circumstances where a swimmer has been advised to cease fitness activity, or isolate by a medical professional, centre management will review a request for refund/reschedule/credit if it is accompanied by a medical note or evidence of instruction to self-isolate and decide of an appropriate course of action. In such circumstances a request can be made to centre management by emailing Centre management’s decision is final
e) In the unusual event that Active Tribe Courtown is unable to provide a swimming lesson, for example due to a Red Weather Warning, an additional lesson credit will be added to the swimmers account. No refund will be made
f) Parents/Guardians must remain on site for the duration of the swimming lesson(s) and are not permitted on pool side
g) Active Tribe Courtown’s admission policies and centre use terms and conditions apply at all times

9. Changing Area, Supervision
a) It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to supervise children in their care while in the Changing Village at all times. This includes use of the toilet and changing area once the lesson has started
b) If a child has the leave a lesson early the swimming instructor must be informed be the child’s accompanying adult
c) Personal belongings must not be left in any cubicles, group changing rooms or on pool side. Please use the lockers provided at all times. No responsibility will be taken by Active Tribe Courtown, or its staff, for lost, stolen, damaged or removed property
d) All swimmers must shower before using the pools

10. Swimming hats must be worn by swimmers at all times. Swimming hats are available to purchase at Reception

11. The use of cameras, camera phones and video recording equipment is not permitted

12. Food, drinks, chewing gum and glass containers are not permitted on the poolside or in the changing area

13. Questions, comment and/or feedback regarding Swim Academy lessons must be directed to the Swimming Coordinator or a Duty Manager and not a swimming instructor

14. In accordance with Active Tribe Courtown policies bullying, abusive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Those that behave inappropriately will be removed from the centre. No concession will be made in these circumstances

15. Swimmers will be permitted to enter the Changing Village no more than 10 minutes before the start of the swimming lesson